What Else Can a Menial helper – VA – Accomplish For Me?

I as of late utilized a VA (menial helper) just because. I’m an author and speaker on various subjects and I required assistance getting a portion of my articles distributed. Not distributed in the conventional sense, however having them set in “article banks” where they are gotten and re-distributed around the web in pamphlets and different locales.

Not that I couldn’t do it without anyone’s help, however I came up short on the time and center to keep at it in a steady way. Enter Karen Braschuk of Office Bolster 911.

Karen got me sorted out with insignificant whine and got me saw online in a rush through various article entries. So I figured I would investigate different ways a VA could support me and, simultaneously, maybe help other “virtual specialists” and “sequential business visionaries” find out about the advantages of a VA.

I will do this by suggesting a progression of conversation starters to Karen and requesting that her offer how she sees she could be of assistance and advantage. For instance:

Karen, I’m an independent company individual who voyages widely. What would you be able to accomplish for me?


Notwithstanding taking care of one’s movement plans, for example, booking flights, inns, vehicle reservations and agendas, a menial helper ordinarily records this data in a mutual schedule, which the two gatherings can get to all the while (Google Schedule is superb for this – and it’s free!) Authorized data is accessible right away and planning issues are stayed away from.


For an agent, this is practically similar to being cloned! Figure the amount more you can achieve on the off chance that you aren’t juggling your telephone and your schedule. By giving your VA access to your calendar, you save huge time for speculation, composing, selling or whatever else you do. In the event that, as Karen proposes, you use Google Schedule and you convey a Windows Cell phone, (for example, a Treo or one of its cousins), I unequivocally prescribe introducing “GooSync” – a free utility that synchronizes your Google Schedule to your telephone.

Karen, I don’t have opportunity to screen every one of my calls and email – how might you help me?


Most entrepreneurs and business visionaries are extended as far as possible regarding their time. There are numerous manners by which a menial helper can perform basically indistinguishable obligations from on the off chance that they were physically in a similar office.

Phone calls can be taken care of in various ways. Approaching calls to a customary line can be sent to the VA either with a unique phone set up for that reason, a VoIP plan (Voice over Web Convention, which is essentially the transmission of voice traffic over the web) or even to an uncommon business line set up in the VA’s office. In the event that guidelines have been given to put the call through assuming “someone or other calls”, the VA can rapidly move the call to the entrepreneur. By and large, they can deal with the guest themselves or take a message.

Existing email inboxes can be shared, new joint email locations can be set up, or autoresponders (programmed reactions to approaching email) can divert the individual to a contact structure on a site which the VA will react to.


Indistinguishable points of interest from with planning – you have all the more leisure time to profit or make your business fruitful. I can’t reveal to you the occasions I’ve sat in an air terminal watching businessmen juggle numerous telephone calls while attempting to take a shot at a PC. On the off chance that you have the correct VA working for you, you’ve fundamentally struck gold.

Karen, I can’t bear the cost of a clerical specialist, yet I need somebody to assist me with correspondence and catch up with prospects. What would you be able to do in this circumstance?


Following up is regularly basic to the achievement of one’s promoting effort once it has been propelled. Numerous VAs offer precisely this sort of administration on a venture by-venture premise where they will catch up leads with a telephone call, mail out manually written cards or even set up autoresponders in AWeber or comparative email showcasing programs. Each battle is viewed as a different task and the entrepreneur just calls upon the VA’s administrations as required.


In the event that your VA has your writing or gauge/proposition group, think the amount all the more rapidly your prospect could get an answer. Now and then even a couple of hours can bring about lost business; a VA could ensure that business is yours.

Karen, I sell an assortment of items from my site. Dealing with request subtleties, returns and client addresses leaves me next to no opportunity to develop my business. Do you work around there?


Truly. Given the present innovation, one’s client care can without much of a stretch be taken care of “for all intents and purposes” and flawlessly by a menial helper. When your collaborator is prepared on your specific frameworks and procedures, it’s just an issue of setting them up with an email address and access to your corporate voice message, just as any login data they require to perform regulatory obligations.

It’s regularly a smart thought for the entrepreneur/business person to begin by furnishing their remote helper with a fundamental methods record containing data concerning passwords, logins, client assistance strategies, etc. This is typically a “living” archive that is refreshed as required.


For the independent company where cost control is basic, a VA would be a genuine advantage. Except if you are keen on increasing a lot of fixed cost (pay rates, benefits, assesses), a VA and re-appropriated dissemination and request satisfaction could make you look and work like an a lot bigger organization.

Karen, I wouldn’t comprehend what to inquire. I don’t know whether you could support me or not. Would you be able to give me different instances of what a VA can do?


As I’ve said previously, “We can do for all intents and purposes everything‚Ķexcept make the espresso!”

Menial helpers differ broadly in their claims to fame and there is unquestionably a VA for everybody. A few organizations even enroll the administrations of a few distinct VAs for explicit needs.

A few instances of the administrations that menial helpers give are:

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Client service (email/voice/online visit)
  • Schedule the executives
  • Database the board
  • Accounting
  • Website architecture/upkeep
  • Showcasing effort explore, list developing and pursue
  • PowerPoint introductions
  • Copywriting
  • Article entries
  • For all intents and purposes whatever else that should be possible in a physical office

Karen, would you be able to give some knowledge on the best way to build up a decent working association with my VA? How would you create trust and shared comprehension? How would you handle issues that may emerge?


The response to each of the three inquiries is correspondence, correspondence and more correspondence!

It’s really the same than having a fresh out of the box new individual sitting appropriate outside of your office. You don’t have any acquaintance with them and they don’t have any acquaintance with you from the start, however you bit by bit build up a compatibility dependent on your everyday communications.

In truth, you don’t have the advantage of offering your remote helper a grin each time you stroll by, however it’s critical to impart your character to them. Your VA needs to become familiar with your inclinations (or eccentricities, maybe) without the advantage of that day by day vis-√†-vis connection.

Building up a decent working association with your VA basically means speaking with them through telephone or email. Never waver to do that. Keep in mind, your VA is anxious to get correspondence from you. On the off chance that you are satisfied with the result of an undertaking, share that with them. On the off chance that you have concerns or wish to make changes, let them know immediately.

My best guidance is to treat your VA the very same way that you would treat any self employed entity you’ve contracted. Get in contact frequently, let them comprehend what you’re thinking, treat them as a colleague be straight up with them consistently. You can’t lose when you do that.


A remote helper can support your business or your profession to that famous ‘next level’. I firmly prescribe that, working for an organization or in business for yourself, you investigate how a VA can support you.

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